Scarabeo Ceramiche

/ 2015
Rome - Italy
The ceramic washbasin Mizu, designed for Scarabeo Ceramiche, is born from an evolution of thought from the previous project designed for the company (Fuji). Mizu fully rethinks the washbasin architecture that becomes a volume with multiple components, inside which the draining system is hidden. The central cut of the superior cap permits the water to drain into the bowl and at the same time it defines the object’s identity, giving an emotional and magnetic appeal to the washbasin. The name Mizu, stolen from the Japanese culture, is not a case: it means vital fluid, that adapts to new conditions on its flowing.
Mizu was born after the worthwhile collaboration with Scarabeo Ceramiche that began in 2014, on the occasion of Fuji’s exhibition at the International Bathroom Exhibition in Milan. The visibility and positioning obtained by the company in that context should have been enhanced with a distinctive and unique product. This is the reason why we have decided to overturn the washbasin standards, suggesting a pure but long-lasting solution. Mizu was presented at the ISH 2015 fair in Frankfurt, where it was awarded with the prize Design Plus 2015 for its aesthetic, functional and innovative characteristics.
Evergreen Innovation