/ 2013
Tychy - Poland
Designed for the Polish producer Rosa to adapt to city centres, the led lamp for urban lighting Drop aims to communicate the consolidated know-how and to distinguish the brand with an innovative and smart design. Drop characterises the areas where it lives thanks to the curvy sign of the luminaire that resembles a drop. The tapered pole is in accordance with the multiple colours of aluminium realized through the anodizing process.
Rosa, that runs the biggest anodizing aluminium plant in Eastern Europe, was our first client in Poland after we began our internationalisation process. Designing the lamp Drop, we wanted to perfectly exploit Rosa capabilities of anodizing aluminium through the introduction of uncommon, monolithic and iconic shape. Thanks to Rosa high competences and to the inner production of every single part of the lamp, it was possible to reduce significantly the time to market and in less than six months our project was a real product and it was launched. Finally, Drop won the Red Dot Design Award 2014, the first international prize for the company and a great starting point for our collaboration.
Pushing the limits of aluminium