/ 2008
Milano - Italy
The watch 75, designed for Lorenz and produced on a limited edition, was born to celebrate the company’s 75th Anniversary. It is a balanced synthesis within time and the companies’ heritage. The contemporary taste is accentuated trough shape similarities with the most successful objects of industrial production in recent years. 75 is a journey into Lorenz history through actual sensitivity of the brand in the direction of todays contemporary design.
75 was the first project we submitted in a competion and we actually won it! Amongst the jury memebers we met Matteo Ragni and the Master of design Mr. Richard Sapper who gave his appreciation about our watch: “It is a very elegant and well designed piece. It represents the spirit of the thirties… and I would buy it!”. It was a great honour to receive his appreciation but our biggest satisfaction was to wear it. 75 was then produced on a limited edition and won the Idot 2009.
A journey into Lorenz history