Edge and Multicanale


/ 2011
Treviso - Italy
Designed for Telcoma, Edge and Multicanale are remote controls for automations, thought to reposition the brand through a new communicative product approach. Edge and Multicanale express innovation, quality and reliability thanks to the choice of materials, functionality and ergonomics, they are products thought not only to redesign the brand identity but also to use in everyday life.
While designing these products we kept in mind how important status symbol is for people, so we focused on consumer perception. The accessories we were thinking about had to become objects for people everyday life, they had to be carried and shown as precious jewels. That’s why they had to be elegant and to communicate reliability and strenghten. So the choice of materials was not only driven by aesthetics but we also took into account their unbreakability. Edge and Multicanale were awarded the iF Product Design Award 2012. They were only the first outcome of a partneship that led us to design other products on which we are still working…
Introducing elegance in the
home-automation market