/ 2013
Treviso  - Italy
The electromechanical piston Asy, designed for Telcoma, is characterized by aesthetical asymmetry. This detail is given by the fact that when applied to gates it is composed by two identical pieces that only differ for their installation side, therefore watching them frontally you will see the front side of one piece and the back side of the other. The design of this product not only communicates strength and reliability but also the company attention to the environment because it is made of aluminium, which is entirely recyclable.
The solution for this project came out after some collaborative brainstorming sessions with installer, company’s technicians, sellers and final consumers. The product design had to be thought for the 3 meters and 5 meters gates and had to incorporate into a single product both functions of the two previous Telcoma products. Our solution was to use the same shell for the two dimensions changing only the ultimate screw that would become longer in the 5 meters version. This solution helped the company to achieve a cost reduction thanks to the optimization of production costs.
A single piece for two sides