MCZ Group

/ 2010
Pordenone - Italy
Toba is born from the necessity of the company to create an innovative and contemporary pellet stove able to embody MCZ Group values. It represents an inversion of course compared to the reference market, with Toba the pellet stove becomes an object to furnish houses. Lines, volumes and finishings are calibrated with a contemporary taste, ceramic becomes the protagonist and with its soft and curvy lines becomes the frontal frame of the object giving a strong character and personality to the stove. The air vents around the perimetral shape of the frame are the innovative elements that contribute to show off the fire in the room.
Toba was our first project under the name of Emo design. The idea came out on a blooming spring morning in Vienna where Lukasz was working. We were given the great opportunity to present it to MCZ Group management in the end of 2008. One year later Toba was launched and set up new tendences in the pellet market: its front face in ceramic became one of the most used application later on. The reason why Toba became a best seller is not only to our credit, but we are sure we did a great job.
A new classic to change
the market perception