/ 2010
Bolzano  - Italy
Tray is a Corian sink for Planit designed to reduce the manufacturing time. It is represented by an elegant composition of precious containers with essential and clean lines. One of the containers is the sink surrounded by others that function as supporters for different essentials like bath towels, hair accessories, soap, toothbrushes, etc. The shape of a tray determines the functional characteristics as a stand-alone piece that can be used in the contract as well as in private houses.
Tray was designed when the market saw a fast growth of products made of composite materials but for a company that at the time had already been working Corian for twenty years. In fact Planit is one of the first laboratories in Italy to believe in Corian potentials. With Tray we proposed a solution that reduces manufacturing time as well as production costs, because the washbasin and the tray are made out of the same moulding process. Despite it was designed some years ago, we are proud to notice that it still is an original product.
Beyond the shape