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Design strategy
Successful products always begin from a tailored research on the cultures, preferences and behaviours of the people and from a deep understanding of the client and the market.
The knowledge of values, heritage, production technologies and strategy of the brand is essential for a proper product design planning.
Key competences
  • Trend & Inspiration
  • Market analysis
  • Design mapping
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Investigate new experiences
  • User experience analysis
Industrial design
Product design is our core business and a great passion of ours. We design solutions that solve problems with a human touch. Our products help our clients to get a distinctive and credible position on the market, pushing them in new, unexplored and far from competitors market segments.
Together we emphasise the brand values, give meaning to their financial strategy and optimize, where it is possible, their production process.
  • Brainstorming / Sketchstorming
  • Concept exploration and visualisation
  • Prototyping / Model making
  • User experience testing
Interaction Design
Nowadays not only does the brand appear through the product but also through interaction itself. Offering new ways of interaction, coherent with the brand values and strategy is therefore becoming essential to win in the market.
This is why we generate new dedicated solutions that always begin from the individual to define new experiences.
  • Interaction analysis
  • User Experience design
  • Graphic User Interface design
  • Assets Creation
  • User Testing
  • Experience evaluation