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We started in a small room in Italy in 2008 and built a reputation for designing meaningful and successful products. Today we are an international award winning industrial design consultancy and we develop more than good ideas, because we care. People, experiences and places make Emo design what it is. We are an international team of passionate designers and professionals, we develop very different products that belong to very different markets and we are conscious that we do the best job in the world.
Emo Team
Graduated in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano, Lukasz soon began collaborating with Polidesign and TD studio to develop products for many famous italian companies such as Chicco and Gardesa. From 2004 to 2008 he was a senior industrial designer at GP designpartners in Vienna where his responsibilities included designing products for brands like Philips, Siemens, Citroen, Doppelmayr, Vienna Acoustics, Tchibo, NXP, Boesendorfer, HEI, Conlastic.
Born in 1982 Carlo graduated in International Relationships at Università degli Studi di Bologna with a Master’s in Organization and Economic Development (MOSE) at Profingest Management School. After an important experience at the marketing office of a well established group in the construction sector, he became account manager at Emo design consultancy in 2009.
Trained architect born in Italy but fine tuned by her time in London, Enrica channels her creativity, craft and precision with the kind of commercial thinking that takes it to another level. Having found that her first love, architecture, was too slow to give her career the momentum she enjoyed, she instead accelerated her design and branding skills over the last two decades, with great success. Working for the most sought after brands in the world, she has been both rewarded and awarded with several Red Dot, IF and GDA awards and publications. In January 2022 Enrica joined Emo as Creative director, in charge of leading and delivering marketing and communication services.
After graduating in International Economics at University of Padua, she attended the Master’s in International Marketing Communications at London Metropolitan Business School and ESCEM of Poitiers. Back in Italy, she worked two years for Umbrella a well-known communication agency located in Treviso. In December 2011 she started her collaboration with Emo design.
He graduated in Malmo (Sweden) in 2006 where he received the Bachelor Degree in Product Development and Design. After a while he graduated at a Master Course in Industrial Design at IED in Milan in 2008. After working in Scandinavia for more than 10 years within different design agencies for many brands involved in the production of medical and consumer products, he begun to work at Emo design in September 2019.
Graduated in Industrial Design at IUAV of Venice in 2014, he soon moved to Switzerland for an internship at Multiple Global Design, where he designed beverage machines for clients as Nespresso and Nescafè Dolcegusto. In 2013 Wired awarded him with a grant for a course in game design at Big Rock. In February 2014 he won the prize "Designer of the month" from H-Farm. Since January 2015 he has been working as designer at Emo design.
After graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Automobile Engineering in India, he got a Master in Transportation Design at IED in Torino and a Master of Transportation and Automobile Design at Politecnico di Milano, where he worked at many projects in collaboration with the most well-known automotive companies including the VW - Audi Group.
In 2017, he did an experience in yacht design after which he took the time to complete the work for his patent application in the automotive field. He joined Emo design team in April 2018.
Graduated in Industrial Design, he specialises in Visual and Multimedia Communication at IUAV University of Venice. After graduation he soon worked with the venetian studio Tapiro and on editorial projects for IUAV and Unindustria Treviso. From 2011 to 2016 he had been senior graphic designer at Mirame studio in Treviso. He started his collaboration with Emo design in September 2016.
After receiving the Diploma at Liceo Artistico G. De Fabris (in Nove, Vicenza) in Figurative Arts, she attended the "Product Design and Communication" at SID, Scuola Italiana Design in Padova, getting graduated in June 2019 with great results. After a brief experience in lighting design, she begins working at Emo design in September 2019.
After the Technical Diploma in Mechanics and Mechatronics obtained at I.S.I.S.S. Giuseppe Verdi in Valdobbiadene (TV), he graduated in "Design and Product Communication" at Scuola Italiana Design (SID) in Padua, where he has the opportunity to take part in projects with companies such as Fitt, Axolight, Del Biondi and Nidek Technologies.
After finishing his studies and after a short experience with the Opificio Design studio in Monselice (PD), he joined the Emo design team in May 2021.
Marco graduated at the Technical School I.I.S. Scarpa-Mattei in San Donà di Piave (VE). Soon after he gets a Master Degree in Industrial Design at the Scuola Italiana Design in 2021. During his studies he worked with companies such as De Longhi, Nidek Technologies and Euronda. His experience in Emo design begins in September 2021.
Born in China in 1982, LiuShen(刘深)graduated in CQNU, ChongQing, China.
He started to work as an account executive in an advertisement company from 2006. He plunged into design industry and collaborated with foreign designers as a senior marketing manager and founder from 2009. He has served for Dell, XMU, Angel and has both advertisement and industry design business experience.
From 2015 he is Emo design’s China account manager.